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D. Kim Clayton

For nearly years, D. Kim Clayton has taught private voice, directed choirs, worked as a vocal coach, and written/arranged music for various performance groups and productions throughout the country.  In the classroom or private studio, Mr. Clayton connects with his students and enhances their understanding both for singing and general love of music.  It is his goal to assist each and every singer to reach their full potential, while enjoying the journey of becoming a polished singer and performer.

Mr. Clayton’s has a varied vocal 

background, beginning with the bel canto (Italian) method.  He studied under Blanche Christensen at the University of Utah, where he received his musical degree.  Mr. Clayton also has a background in the speech level method, working with such vocal coaches/instructors as Dean Kaelin and Terry McCombs. It is his priority to instill in students, a healthy foundation and a solid understanding of proper singing.  This foundation, if desired, can lead to success in any style of music a student wishes to pursue.

Many of Mr. Clayton’s students have found successful careers in musical theater, movies and television productions.  With over 30 years of experience and 7,000 students, there are too many to mention.

Because of his varied vocal background, all musical styles and genres are taught.  Some students pursue classical or musical theater.  Others enjoy contemporary and/or pop-rock styles.   Many are recreational, or choral singers, who are looking to just become more comfortable singing, wanting to “find” their voice.  Each voice has it’s own personality, and Mr. Clayton, with all his years of experience, will help guide the student towards his/her strengths.  Students range in age from 12-50+, and from beginning to advanced singers.

Private Voice Lessons

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Emily Stevenson

The Gift of Music

The Gift of Music

The Gift of Music

The Gift of Music

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Emily has been singing and performing since the age of 5, and has been a professional in the industry for 20+ years. She performed with Clayton in her high school and college years, and loved touring to Hungary & Romania (Synergy), Mexico, Chicago, and California. She has lead bands as the lead vocalist. She has enjoyed being a lead in many productions, including shows with; Sunwest Entertainment, Sandbox Theater Company, Salty Dinner Theater, Desert Star Theater, and more. Some of her favorite roles include; Mother Abbess-The Sound of Music, Georgia Fairbanks-

Curtains, and Grace Farrell-Annie. She also enjoys performing professionally for various occasions, writing, and recording music. 


Emily has been teaching vocal performance professionally for the past 15 years, and loves to watch her students excel within their own unique abilities. She has helped her students gain their dream roles, write original music, record albums, star on The Voice, and recently one of her students was signed to Broadway Records in New York!


She loves being part of Clayton Productions, truly growing to care for each group of girls as they come through! Watching them grow in confidence and skill is one of her favorite parts of teaching! 


Programs she hopes to bring to Clayton include audio/video production, and group vocal/performance classes to help students excel in confidence and ability while performing with Clayton! 

The Gift of Music

The Gift of Music

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